Hall i'th'Wood Project


Hall i'th'Wood History Project

The Hall i'th'Wood History Project is a new project that has been started by the society in 2017. It stemmed from the Graffiti Survey's conducted by the society at Hall i'th'Wood Museum in the same year.

Any member of the society can join in on this project and must register their interest with by emailing the Chairman or the Secretary. If you are not currently a member of the society for insurance reasons you may first need to become a member of the society, please check this with the Chairman.

Aim of the Project

The aim of the Hall i'th'Wood History Project is to extend the knowledge about Hall i'th'Wood, it's history and development.

The Graffiti Survey will form part of this project.

Dates to get involved

We want to make the project as fun and as flexible as possible, so if you want to get involved there is no obligation to do all the dates; you can do any or all of the dates that suit you.

The following dates show when we plan to do different parts of the project. You can download the info sheet and risk assesment for each.

Hall i'th'Wood Museum, Bolton




Info Sheet

Risk Assessment

Sat 18th Nov 2017


Hall I'th'Wood

Sun 19th Nov 2017


Hall I'th'Wood

Sun 26th Nov 2017


Hall I'th'Wood

How to get here

Hall i'th'Wood is located in a housing estate between Astley Bridge and Tonge Moor in Bolton.

The address for sat nav is:

Hall i'th'Wood Lane,

Green Way,

Crompton Way,



We will usually meet in the car park to Hall i'th'Wood Museum, though the team may already be working in the field, so look for a group in high viz jackets.




We meet at:

Bolton Library and Museum, Le Mans Crescent, Bolton, BL1 1SE

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We meet once a month for lectures on a variety of topics.

Everyone is welcome!

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