Graffiti Survey


Graffiti Survey

The Medieval Graffiti Survey is part of a national survey that began surveying churches in Norfolk. We have joined under the direction of the Northwest Graffiti Survey and the Greater Manchester Graffiti Survey.

Any member of the society can join in on this project and must register their interest with by emailing the Chairman or the Secretary. If you are not currently a member of the society for insurance reasons you must first become a member of the society.

Aim of the survey

The aim of the survey is to record the variety of marks that can be found on medieval buildings. The original survey was aimed at recording masons marks and aporportraic marks on medieval churches in Norfolk, but given the lack of medieval churches in this part of the country we have decided to include any buildings built before 1700.

Dates of the survey

We want to make the project as fun and as flexible as possible, so if you want to get involved there is no obligation to do all the dates; you can do any or all of the dates that suit you.

The following dates show when we plan to do the survey and the building we will be surveying. You can download the info sheet and risk assesment for each.

Do you know a building with elements that pre-date 1700?

Let us know if it could be included in the survey!




Info Sheet

Risk Assessment

Sat 11th Feb 2017

Visit Day

Hall I'th'Wood

Sun 26th Feb 2017

Training Day

Hall I'th'Wood

Sun 5th Mar 2017

Survey Day

Hall I'th'Wood

Sat 11th Mar 2017

Public Tour

Hall I'th'Wood

Sat 18th Mar 2017

Public Tour

Hall I'th'Wood




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